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Week 14

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Week 14

Session Plan and Activities

This week you will continue your preparation for the MTT Certification Exam and continuing with your work on your staff development plans. This week you will be working on the following areas:

  • Complete - Case Study E
  • Hosted Discussion on Diigo groups
  • Part Three of Staff Development  due 

Your reading this week includes the Diigo EDTC 6343 Group Discussion that you will be expected to respond to.  In addition, it will include any research that you need to do as you are conducting research on your staff development.


As mentioned above, please respond to the weekly posting by students in the class.  A shared activity will make it more powerful.  Also, if you don't respond, you will not get full points for discussion.

  • Complete - Case Study E 
  • Hosted Discussion on Diigo groups
  • Part Three of Staff Development  due 

Points for the week will be allocated as follows:


Collaborate Meeting 20 points
Discussion Response 40 points
Case Study E 40 points
Total for week:
100 points








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