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Week 9

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Week 9 

Session Plan and Activities

By the end of the week, post your grant application on your wiki page as an attachment. In addition, you will continue responding to the hosted discussion on Diigo groups. We will also be meeting online in Collaborate.


In addition, this week you will begin to work on your staff development module. You will be doing the following in this module: 

  • Use effective design principles in creating staff development for teachers. 
  • Assess effectiveness of staff development through peer evaluation.
  • Revise staff development based on feedback from peer and teachers.
  • Present staff development in Collaborate using effective design principles for presenting.
  • Use staff development with at least one other (and preferably several other) teacher(s).


The purpose of this module is to assist the future MTT in developing goal-oriented and effective staff development. The topic for your staff development will depend upon the needs of your campus or your district. You may choose the form that your staff development takes. However, I encourage you to be creative and have fun in developing and presenting the module that you create utilizing all the skills that you have learned in the MTT courses. 


Also, please remember, no one likes to be bored! Therefore, your training should be engaging, interactive and meaningful. That is a tall order, we understand, but necessary for making systemic changes at the campus and district level regarding technology integration. 


You will need to log in using your student ID and pin number at the online library at UTB to read these articles. 


Hope, W. C. (1998). "The next step: Integrating computers and related technologies into practice." Contemporary Education (69)3, 137 - 141. In Academic Search Complete database 


Ertmer, P. A. (2005). "Teacher pedagogical beliefs: The final frontier in our quest for technology integration?" Educational Technology Research & Development (53)4, 25-39. In Academic Search Complete database 


In 1998, Hope wrote that technology will have been definitively integrated into schools when "teachers are routinely using computers and related technology to accomplish their work and facilitate students' learning." Until that happens, Hope stated that we must face the reality that while technology is available in schools, very little has changed in the way teachers teach (p. 1). This article was written more than 12 years ago. Reflect on the article and your personal experiences to discuss whether we have made any progress in those ten years. 


Ertmer suggests that a teacher's pedagogical beliefs are critical to the use technology in the classroom. What is the link between belief and practices? How can knowing this impact you as you begin to develop instruction for teachers as an MTT?


Also, please read the following brief articles and be prepared to discuss them in Collaborate:


The Diffusion of Innovations, by Everett Rogers as reviewed by Greg Orr 

The Pencil Metaphor by Linda McKeown 


Then take some time to play the Diffusion of Innovations Simulation and be prepared to discuss what you discovered as you progressed through the game.


As mentioned above, please respond to the weekly posting by students in the class.  A shared activity will make it more powerful.  Also, if you don't respond, you will not get full points for discussion.

  • Staff Development and Discussion deliverables below:


Project Title: Creating and Implementing Staff Development Plan on Technology Integration 


Project Description: There are three (3) parts to this project. For part ONE, you will need to create a separate section or page on your course  wiki page.  On this page, you must complete the following:


  • Decide who you will be presenting your staff development plan to.  Then, include a description of the intended audience (include relevant information about their skills, motivation, reasons for receiving staff development, etc.).
  •  A rough timeline for implementation of the staff development. This timeline will identify the ACTIONS necessary to complete each goal. For example, you may have to set up a meeting with the principal to discuss the staff development and receive permission to present. 
  •  A brief description of the strategies that you are considering using for your staff development module. Include whether you will be presenting the material or you will be making it available online for Just in Time training.


Please note: The development of online instruction is an acceptable option for your staff development. 


We highly encourage you to spend the time to develop a module that can be used at your location and thus will contain instructions and possible supplementary materials for presenting this staff development either face-to-face or online. 


If you use PowerPoint for your staff development, please remember all the rules for developing effective PowerPoint presentations. Your audience may not be aware of those rules - but we are. Due date for Part 1 can be found on the course calendar.


Part TWO of the project, you will be conducting a formative assessment with at least one other person in the class.  We recommend that you choose a partner to share with during this project in order to give and receive feedback.


  • Present or describe the staff development that you will be presenting to faculty
  • Get (and give) feedback from/to one other person in the class. Include a description of the feedback on your wiki page. 
  • Describe modifications that you make based on peer review. 


For Part THREE of this project, you will be presenting your module to at least one other teacher, preferably to several others, and present information about your lesson to the class. For this component, you will 

develop all supplemental materials, such as handouts, if any are needed.  These will be included in your wiki page.  


Note: If you are unable to present to the faculty, have one (or more) teachers view your presentation and comment on the staff development that you "conduct."


Please post your project link(s), your reflections, your changes and all supplemental materials on the wiki under the appropriate linked page.


Points for the week will be allocated as follows:


Diigo Discussion Response
50 points
Meet in Collaborate - discussion on Innovation 50 points
Total for week:
100 points






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