Week 5

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 Week 5 

Session Plan and Activities

This week you will continue your preparation for the MTT Certification Exam and continue with your work on your grant application. This will be considered a work week in which you will be expected to spend the time working on your study guide presentation, looking for grants and possibly working on your grant application.  We will not be meeting in Collaborate. 


You will also be expected to respond to your host in the Diigo groups discussion area.


This week you will be working on the following areas:

  • Work on study guide presentation
  • Continue search for grants and work on application. 
  • Begin studying various competencies through presentations


Readings will include research you are conducting for your Study Guide presentation and the research you are conducting as you search for an appropriate grant source for funding.

Due this Week

As mentioned above, please respond to the weekly posting by students in the class.  A shared activity will make it more powerful.  Also, if you don't respond, you will not get full points for discussion.


  • Meeting in Collaborate - Skills applications discussion
  • Grant Application Summary - please upload to your wiki and link appropriately in your assignment table.