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Week 4

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Week 4 

Session Plan and Activities

This week you will continue your preparation for the MTT Certification Exam and continuing with your work on your grant application. For this week, you will have the following assignments due:

  • Complete Excel Skills App A - available by clicking on the MTT Practice Test link in your BlackBoard course or at the following site: http://thebutlerdidit.pbworks.com/w/page/41488170/MTT-Practice-Tests. Your completed skills app will be posted to your EDTC 6343 wiki page.
  • Grant Application Summary due - this will be posted to your wiki page
  • Begin hosted Discussion on Diigo Groups - your discussion response is posted on Diigo Groups.



Your reading this week includes the Diigo EDTC 6343 Group Discussion that you will be expected to respond to.  This resource is not only an open forum to discuss issues you will face in education as teachers and as MTTs, but also a resource for you as well.  It is important to remember that the most effective way to make an impact on technology integration in education is to share the responsibility by networking with others. 


In addition, using this discussion forum will increase your comfort level in using this tool and will hopefully encourage you to find ways to use it with your students. So, be sure that you respond to the posts that are presented each week by students in the class.


Due this Week


Project Title: Diigo Discussion Board

Diigo Discussion Question

This week, you will begin the Diigo discussion questions. Please note, if you did not ask for permission to join the Diigo group the first week, you will need to do so ASAP. Below, you will find an explanation of what you need to do as host and what your expectations are on the weeks you are NOT the host.


Role of the Host

We are going to be something a bit different for the discussion questions this semester.  Each of you will be expected to be the "host" of the discussion question for one week. While in a typical discussion format a question is posited, students respond substantively and they respond to at least two other comments, in this format, you will focus the discussion a link that you have found pertinent to share. Each week, a different student (or students) will share a site or sites with comments and annotations on the significance of that site to you as a teacher or student. 


The shared links need to include some annotation, in the form of highlighted notes within the sites that others will be expected to view and comment upon. These discussion questions will be  on the Diigo Group site that can be found here: http://groups.diigo.com/group/edtc6343.


To highlight and annotate, it is recommended that you add Diigo to your toolbar to your browser so you can easily use the power of Diigo groups to share and interact with others.  In order to install the Diigo toolbar in Firefox, see the tutorial below.



You may use Diigo Toolbar on Internet Explorer and on FireFox, but if you use another browser, you will have to use Diigolet instead of the full-blown Diigo Toolbar. Although not as robust, it will nevertheless allow you to complete the requirements for this assignment.  Once you select Tools on the Diigo home page, you will find a link to Diigolet.  Just click on it to find information on how to install Diigolet in your browser.


Host Requirements

On the weeks that you are the host, you will be expected to decide on the topic, provide a resource or information that you find important, annotate the page and provide a video if you can find one that is relevant. You will also be expected to moderate - that is, to make some follow-up comments to others who have posted responses to your posts.  The more you practice this skill in Diigo, the more comfortable you will be in using the vast Diigo resources.  In addition to moderating, you will be expected to "grade" responses in the discussion. Thus, it is important that everyone add their content to the Diigo discussion group within the week so that the host is able to provide grades for the responses.  


On the week you are posting as the host and the following week in which you are moderating, you are not required to provide posting as a non-host.  You are certainly welcome to respond to a post should you prefer.


As host, you will be expected to do the following:

  • Provide at least one bookmarked URL
  • Highlight 3 areas and provide sticky notes indicating significance of highlighted area - may include question to which others can respond
  • Ask a probing question or comment that will warrant response
  • Moderate discussion as needed - make follow-up comments or post answers, additional links, etc. if necessary. While you are certainly welcome to respond to every comment, you do not have to do so.  You should choose where you think it is important to insert your appropriate comments and feedback.
  • Provide checklist "grades" for those who respond to your post(s)


The video below will show you how to post a comment to a bookmark, add a sticky note, and highlight and it.


Non-host Weekly Requirements

On the weeks you are not hosting, you will be expected to respond to the posts by the host(s).  Because of the large group of students, more than one person will be hosting per week.  You may select to respond to one or more posts with your substantive comments. Responses can be on the Diigo Group page or can be within the sticky notes on the site.  These comments should be more than "I agree."


Each host must post their response by Sunday midnight, beginning in week 4.  You must respond by the next Sunday midnight. So, for the week 4 posts, you must respond by Sunday midnight of the following week.  However, if you wait until midnight to post, you will not be able to re-post in response to other comments.  So, while your final post could be at midnight Sunday, you must post earlier in the week to fulfill the requirement of interacting with others.


If you do not respond within the time period required, you will not receive credit for that week.


Please consider the below criteria (adapted from Rubistar) for a substantive post:

  • Relevant, telling, quality details give the reader important information that goes beyond the obvious or predictable.
  • Adding voice: The writer seems to be writing from knowledge or experience. The author has taken the ideas and made them "his own."
  • Writer makes no errors in capitalization or punctuation, so the response is exceptionally easy to read.
  • In addition to an original response, interacts with at least two others by responding or re-responding to other comments
  • Bonus:  Adds at least one significant and additional link related to the post with supporting evidence of the importance of the link


In the last few days , I have made three posts: a link to an interesting or useful source of information, a video and a discussion article. I have also highlighted certain statements (in pink) and made comments on the page. Be sure to read those so that you can better understand what I think is important about the article.


The video below will show you how to post a comment to a bookmark, add a sticky note, and highlight and it in your role as Non-host contributor. 


As the host, you may choose your topic any topic related to education and technology.






















































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