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Week 1

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Syllabus       Course Calendar     Fall 2014 Portal Page


Week 1 - MTT Exam and Course Expectations

Session Plan and Activities

This week you will begin studying the requirements for the MTT exam, an important part of this course. In addition, you will be completing the "technical" requirements that you facilitate assignment submission for the rest of the course. Please note, you will be using a variety of Web 2.0 tools which you used in the first course of the MTT sequence and will possibly be learning a few new ones. Re-using these Web 2.0 tools in the context of the work you must do in this class will help solidify your knowledge of what these tools can do. Hopefully, it will increase the likelihood that you will give your students the opportunity to use them as well. If you have not taken EDTC 6340 recently, some of the applications  may be new to you. Rest assured, in the nature of all Web 2.0 tools, you can learn them very quickly. 


The semester will fly by and we have much to learn, so, let us begin.

  • Week 1 Materials - this page
  • MTT test prep manual, pgs. 1-15
  • Should you need a refresher, any manuals or directions you may need to complete the activities this week
Due this Week

The actions you need to complete this week follow, as well as directions for each activity.


1.) Request access to this wiki for this class



2.) Set up your wiki page for this class in your e-Portfolio


  • You should all have at least one wiki that was created in an earlier course.  All your deliverables for this course will be uploaded to YOUR wiki and linked to the appropriate course page.
  •  Most of you are familiar with this process as all MTT courses use this method for accessing your work.  Please create a wiki page for this course and create a table that includes rows for each week. It would help me if you would label each week so that it is easy for me to find your work.
  • Post the link to this page in our course portal page: http://edtc6343.pbworks.com/w/page/84275083/6343%20Fall%202014  
  • Post all your work on this page by the week so that it is easy for me to access. 

Your instructor will be able to get to your assignments through this portal page.  However, in some cases, you will also be asked to post elsewhere. Detailed information will be provided when this needs to be done.


3.) Select your competency, post to your course portal page and sign up for presentation.


For this activity, you will need to go to the Course Portal Page and fill out the appropriate information as detailed below.


  • Each of you will be developing tutorials using PowToons and Zondle practice quizzes for a section of the MTT Test Prep Materials. Details about this assignment are below. After reviewing the materials below, please sign up for your competency on the Course Portal Page.
    • You have two general choices when selecting a competency. Some students select the one that they are most familiar with so that they can share their expertise with others more in depth. Others select the competency they are most unfamiliar with so that they can spend time learning it. Either way is fine for the purposes of this assignment.
    • When making your selection, do not duplicate (more than one person per topic) UNLESS all subjects have already been selected.
  • You may refer to the Test Prep manual to find out what the different topics entail. After reviewing the competencies, "sign up" on the line next to the Competency you will be providing materials for by adding your name to the appropriate cell.  Please note, you will only be responsible for the subtopics under each competency, as indicated in the table at the top of the portal page.  For example, the cell that contains  005: A-C indicates that you will be developing study guides ONLY for Competency 005, letters A-C. More information on this assignment will be provided in the near future. For now, just sign up for the competency.   Please note: If all the competencies are "taken," then you may double up on one of the competency cells. However, each person will be independent and develop their own study guides. In the correct table for your section, please fill in the personal information - your name, your e-Mail address and your competency choice.
  • Each of you will be providing a short presentation on  the materials you develop.  Again, please sign up for your competency presentation on the opening course portal page.
  • If you do not already have a Zondle teacher account and a PowToons teacher account, then sign up for them.  Right now, PowToons is giving away teacher accounts worth $ 96.00, so this is a good time to sign up now. 


4.) Ensure Collaborate is ready on your computer for Week 2


We will NOT be meeting synchronously the first week of class.  However, we will be meeting synchronously through Collbarate most other weeks for this class.  We will be meeting on Wednesdays at 8 PM in the MSTTPA Main Meeting Room. The weeks we will be meeting can be found on the Course Calendar.  Please make sure that you have a microphone headset and that all is in working order in Collaborate before we meet next week.We will run a quick mic check before we get started. 


5.) Complete readings and Take Zondle Quiz


  • Read your assignments!  This is probably the most important thing that you can do to be successful this semester. You will be responsible for becoming familiar with the MTT test prep manual, and will be expected to read pgs. 1-15.  
  • The Zondle Quiz is based on the above materials. Be sure that you have completed that Quiz before Sunday at Midnight. The course code for Zondle is: 21810-74274. Be sure that you have a Zondle username that I can tell belongs to you.  First initial, last name is identifiable - something like hot4godzilla is not. Reminder: For this quiz, it will be helpful for you to read the appropriate pages before the quiz as well as have your MTT manual easily accessible as you complete the quiz game.

Points for the week's assignments will be allocated as follows:


Set up your wiki page for this class in your e-Portfolio and link it to the Course Portal Page
20 points
Request access to wiki
20 points total
Go to the course portal page
  • Fill in the personal information
  • Post  your topic for the study guide tutorials
  • Sign up for a competency
  • Sign up for a time to present
30 points total
Quiz 1 - can be found via Blackboard
30  points
Total for week:
100 points


Congratulations! You have completed the requirements for Week 1 and are ready to move to Week 2 Activities.



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